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This page is not a support page for windows computers

People having problems with win* systems are responsibel for it themself. There is no support from me for their problems. The only thing I can tell them is to replace the win* system with a real operating system. Examples herefor would be a BSD like NetBSD or one of the Linux - distributions like Debian or RedHat (but not Suse).

This page should give you an overview of PCMCIA Cards tested on the native 16 bit PCMCIA-Slot of an AMIGA A1200 or A600.
This list isn't ment to be complete and comes with no warranty!
If you have tested a card (successfully or not) that is not (completely/correctly) listed here please mail me a short report. It should contain a short list with the used software and hardware (and needed patches/reworks) and detailed informatin about the card (manufacturer, product, type, connectors, MAC, Webpage (URL) with data,...).
Please send me Data about non-network PCMCIA Cards for the Amiga as well. And of course I'm also interested in W-LAN Cards.
Regarding the 100 MBit Ethernet cards you could generally say that they stay far away from the theoretical maximum speed and in practice only reach about 11 MBit. This limitation is not caused by the Amiga. But often they use up less CPU power than comparable 10 MBit cards and usually require the cnet16.device.


Network cards (ethernet)

ManufacturerProductSpeedConnectorsPCMCIA TypeChip Amiga CNet Device V1.9 Linux M68k/APUS 2.4.20 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2Notes
3comall    NO   
3C589 / 3C562D / 3C563D10MBitRJ-45 3C589Only with 3c589.lhaNONO (6) e.g. DELL 10Mbit DF63C589D
4lanEP10010MBitBNC & RJ-45  OKOKOKrelabled ZONET
AbocomApollo RE450CT    OK   
AcctonEN2212    NO   
EN2216    OKOK  
EN222810/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90 (?)NONONODUT
ActionTecFastNet PE-200    NO (1)   
AllnetALL014010MBitBNC & RJ-45  OKOK  
ALL0142+10/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90 (?)OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NO (6) 
AmbiconAMB8002T      OK ** = experimental/alpha in 1.4
AnycomECO10/100MBitRJ-45 DL10022NO (1)NO (1)NO 
ArgosyEN210BT    OK   
ArowanaEthernet PCMCIA10MBit   OK   
Belkin 10/100MBit      DUT
ClaxanCL-FE100010/100MBit  DL10022NO (1)NO (1)NOrelabled Level One 10/100
CNetCN40(BC)10MBitBNC (& RJ45)  OKOKOK 
Singlepoint10/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NO (6)PN 18-1B-F301, SN starting with ACV, relabled AmbiCom AMB8110
Singlepoint10/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90 (?)NONONOPN 88-OP-CEN200-AF, SN starting with AW, relabled BILLIONTON SYSTEMS, INC., DUT
CNF30110/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90 (?)NONONODUT
Compaq 10/100MBitRJ-45  NONONOno TP-Link
CompuShackBaseline10/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)NO (5)NOno TP-Link, Activity LED always on
DLinkDE-650   DL10022NO NO 
DE-660    NO (1) OK ? ** = with patches
DE-660+ (plus)    YESshouldOK ? should 
DE-67010/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90 (?)YES   
DFE-670TXD    OK (8)   
DFE-670TXD   DL10022?NO  MAC 00:0D:88:...
DynaLinkL10C Combo Ethernet Adapter    OK  relabeld ABOCOM SYSTEMS
DRP-16CT10MBitBNC & RJ-45  OK   
EdimaxEP-4000A    OK   
Elta Medi8645NK10MBitRJ-45  OKOK E=m*c^2
E=m*c^210/100MBitRJ-45 ? 8390 ?OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NO (6)relabled Zonet
FiberlineFL-4680    OKOKOKrelabled Abocom
FE160010/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)NONO 
GeniusME3000II(SE)10MBitBNC & RJ45  OKOKOK(3)
GericomFast Ethernet10/100MBitRJ-45 DL10022NO (1)NO (5)NOno TP-Link, but Activity & Link LED always on, relabled Level One 10/100
Grey Cell SystemsEthernet Gold Card    OK   
3400 ethernet v.34 fax modem card10MBitRJ-45  NO   
Hydra SystemsAmiganet BNC  Only with hydrapcm.deviceNONOrelabled IBM CCEA(3)
IBMCreditCard Ethernet Adapter II10MBitBNC  NONONO 
IC CardEthernet    NO (1)NO (1)NO (1) 
IntelEtherExpress PRO 10/10010/100MBitRJ48  NO   
KingMax TechnologyNE2000 comp. PCMCIA Card V4.1    OK   
EN10-T2 R01    NO   
KTIPF-16i 10/10010/100MBitRJ45 AX88x90 (?)OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NO (6)relabled Cameo
LanProNE2000 comp.    OK   
Level OneEPC-0100TB10MBitBNC & RJ45I, II, III OKOK looks like Edimax
FPC-0100TX10/100MBitRJ-45 DL10022NO (1)NONO (1) 
LG ElectronicsLPNC-1010MBitRJ-45  OKOKOK 
LinkMateRE-450CT    OK   
LinksysEC2T10MBitBNC & RJ45II OK   
PCMPC 100 EtherFast    NO (1)   
LongShineShineNet LCS-853810/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)NO (1)NO 
Megahertzall    NO   
Microcomputer Research IncMrEthernet10MBitBNC & RJ45  OK   
MicronetSP-122    OK   
SP-125    OK   
Netax1200    OK   
NetGearFA41110/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NO (6) partly relabled Cameo
FA41010/100MBitRJ-45  OK (7)NO (1)OK 
New Media CorporationLiveWire Plus PCnet-ISA II    NO   
OvislinkEthernet    OK   
LS-PCM10MBitBNC & RJ-45  OKOK (Vers. B)
PineEthernet    OK   
PlanetENW-350210MBitBNC & RJ45  OK   
ENW-3502F10/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)   
PlanexFNW-3600-T10/100MBit   NO (1   
PretecEthernet PC Card10MBitRJ-45  OK   
PSIONDacom Gold Card10MBitBNC & RJ45II OK *)OK *) *) TP only
RPTInv401 NE2k    OK   
SiteComSite11201010/100MBitRJ45  NONO  
SkyportFE100010/100MBitRJ-45 DL10019NO (1)NO (1)NOrelabled Planex FNW-3600T, extremely slow (0.7 MBit)
SMCEtherEZ PC Card 8020BT/T    NO   
Socket CommunicationsI-Card AAA-1001    OK   
SOHO-SE220T/TC10MBitBNC & RJ45  OK   
ND5100-E10MBitBNC & RJ45  OK   
SurecomEP-427(T)    OKOK  
EP-527    OK   
Synergy21 S21810+10/100MBitRJ-45  OK (6,7)OK (6,7)NOrelabled Bromax Communications, Ltd.
Tamarack MicroelectronicsEthernet PCMCIA Card    OK   
TARGETEthernet10MBit   OK   
100M fast Ethernet PC Card    NO/Yes (2)   
TopLinkZK-TL520010MBit   NO  relabled Linkpro
TRENDnetTE100-PC16R   DL10022  NO 
TE210CT    OK   
TE20210/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)NO (1)NOrelabled Level One 10/100
Trust100MB Network PC-Card Art. 1156710/100MBitRJ-45 DL10022ANONO Cardinfo works
Typhoon 10/100MBitRJ-45  NO (1)NO (1)NO 
WLinxFE1x00 Fast Ethernet10/100MBitRJ-45 AX88x90NONONO 
Xircomall    NO   
33k6 modem&eth10/10010/100MBitRJ-45  NO/Yes (2)   
ZonetZEN 1010 & 101110MBitRJ45 (11: & BNC)  OKOKOK 

(1) = Freezes System during plug in time
(2) = reported to work as well as reported not to work
(3) = Gayle-Reset-fix required
(4) = according to the cnet device compatibility list
(5) = not recognized as ethernet card by driver
(6) = AmigaOS: requires cnet16.device (V1.9b1) - Linux: requires kernel patches mentioned ahead - NetBSD: missing software support
(7) = AmigaOS: Card-Reset or equivalent required; some cards need a reset time up to 3 seconds - Linux: 100 MBit patches for the linux kernels introduce a card reset every time the kernel module is loaded.
(8) = AmigaOS: problems with MAC address, currently there is only support for one device per network


Currently only cards with Prism Chipset are supported.

ManufacturerCardSpeed PCMCIA TypeChip Amiga Prism Device V0.8b Linux M68k/APUS 2.2.19 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2Remark
NetGearMA401    OK   
MA311  ! PCI !    DUT
AVAYAGOLD ETS CARD PC24E-H-ET11 MBit  LucentOK  reported


ManufacturerCardSpeedPortsPCMCIA TypeChip Amiga PcCardSerial Amiga PcMSer V0.17 Linux M68k/APUS 2.2.19 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2Remarks


ManufacturerCardSpeedPortsPCMCIA TypeChip Amiga CFD Linux M68k/APUS 2.2.19 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2Remarks
SaitekPCMCIA 4in1 SD, SM, MMC, MS  OK   
Delock20 in 1 Typ 91403 MS (Pro), MMC, SD, xD  OK   
Vivanco5 in 1 Typ 18256 MS (Pro), MMC, SD  OK   
HamaCompact Flash Typ II Adapter 56949 CF  OK   

PCMCIA Adapter for Amiga

ManufacturerCardSpeedPortsPCMCIA TypeChip Amiga OS 3.x Linux M68k/APUS 2.2.19 NetBSD amiga 1.6.2Remarks
MinoltaPCMCIA Card Drive CD-10 SCSI-2  OK   

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